About Us

Just your typical Husband and Wife Ghost hunting team

Never gave ghost hunting much thought when I was younger, then in the early 90's I was in school and rented a room from a young couple in a very old, Victorian style mansion. At night that house sounded like it was full of people. Chairs being pushed in and out, silverware clanging. First I was terrified, then it got to be "normal". Even the young couple seemed very matter of fact about the house. Their attitude was "Its over 100 years old, of course its haunted".

When I bought my house in 1994 I never really considered it haunted even though it was built in the 1870's, and I never had any experiences. However there was one odd thing, people who stayed at the house told me all sorts of bizarre happenings. I had one girlfriend who was a "sensitive" and she would not go into the front bedroom, she said there was "something" in there. When my daughter was born that room became her room, she could be heard talking in the middle of the night, like she was talking to a friend. Asked her who she was talking to and her reply was "no one".

Then I met my current wife, Corinne(She's the "C" in BC Paranormal), whatever was in there went into attack mode. One of sons reported someone was throwing quarters at him while he slept. One time when he woke up a quarter was neatly placed on his chest. He also refused to sleep in the front bedroom. My wife told me of many strange occurrences, like he wanting a specific recipe only to turn around and find the page open in her recipe book. Keep in mind, for 20 years, I saw NOTHING even remotely paranormal. Finally it happened, I went to get a coffee cup out of the cupboard, when I opened it up the cup flew out, across the kitchen, and almost hit Corinne. Smashed into a million pieces. She had enough. She did a purge on the house and the activity stopped

I am a fan of the late night radio program Coast to Coast AM. Years ago I heard a program that highlighted an organization called the GIS- Ghost Investigations society. They are "old school", in fact I heard them when Art Bell was hosting C2Cam. Their website has been down for a while but they do have a Facebook Page. This was long before the paranormal boom, and long before any of the paranormal TV shows. They had the creepiest EVP I ever heard.

That was it, I swore one day I'd get into EVP's. After all the creepy things that happened to my wife, she was not eager to go ghost hunting. I wanted to try it tho so I found an app called "Ghost Voice catcher". Basically you run the app and it asks questions, and records any answers. Never got anything on it until one time for our anniversary we stayed at the Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem,Pa. I ran the app overnight in the bathroom. I was shocked the next morning when I actually had an EVP. The question was "How many are in here?" Answer? "7". That was my first EVP ever. finally my wife relented, and we slowly built up the gear needed to go ghost hunting.

First place we investigated was in the old house I lived in. Oddly enough we really got very little, I kinda blamed my wife's "purging" the year before....but SOMETHING was there. It finally dawned on me. It was a little kid. When you go back and think of all the things that happened there it made perfect sense. It must have felt "safe" with me there alone. But when someone came and "stole" me away,the child acted out. The EVP's we got were from a child.

Just after you hear me say 'aaaand' you hear an 'oots' sound which we think is the child trying to say 'Boots' which is one of our cats names