Some Equipment we use

Will be adding to this page periodically.

Voice recorder

Probably the most important item by far, and like alot of things you can go mild to wild. There is all kinda of info on the Internet about which one works best for EVP. I have a Tascam DR-05. You should be able to pick one up for $80-90. For the dollar its one of the best ones out there. Just google and get the best recorder you can afford. Also get the largest SD card you can afford, I recommend at least 8 gig's and I've filled that up on a long night so even more would be better. You want to record in the highest bitrate, (mine is set at 24 bit WAV format) and that chews up memory. Again make this the first thing you buy!

Spirit Box

This is another thing you can go mild or wild on, a good one for under $100 is the SB-7 Spirit Box. I have heard some great things come thru one of these. What if your broke/really cheap? I have a solution.... try to find a Memorex 2Xtreme MB221 arm band radio. You can probably still find one used of Ebay. They a cheap (usually around $10) and easily hacked. Hacked you say? Yes you modify it so it never locks on a radio station, it just scans each station for a split second. The guide I used to hack mine is right below here.

The most important thing about going cheap and hacking your own radio, is make SURE you get one that is "hackable". Again Google is your friend here. Alot of newer radios aren't able to be hacked

Android Tablet or cell phone

These are a must if you want to run ITC apps like Echovox. I have a 7" Samsung tablet, its saves me from using my $500 cell phone during investigations. The Iphone and Ipad apps just aren't as advanced as the Android ones. Spend some time on the Google play store and see what apps are out there.

External speaker

This is a must if you use the above spirit box. They are great to hook up to a tablet or phone also. I use a cable rather than bluetooth its up to you. You play the spirit box or ITC app thru the speaker and record it with your digital recorder like THIS. Hook your hacked radio up the same way. That's what cool about the newer SB-7 models they come with speakers. You can get this cool little Canz "808" speaker on Amazon but really any little speaker will do fine. I like this model because its chargeable-not batteries, and the charge lasts a long time and its under $30 too. Amazon is your friend!

Digital cameras and video cameras

Last Christmas my wonderful wife finally got me a Full Spectrum video camera, it was a little pricy but it really works great. You can find it Here. We also picked up and older Sony digital camera.

Odds and ends

Don't forget cables and chargers for your cell phone/tablet. Extra batteries are a must also. Haunted locations are notorious for draining batteries. Plus you can look like a hero to another investigator if they need a battery. A good LED flashlight is a must also, you are investigating in the dark don't forget. If you are part of a team, handheld radios are a good idea. If you want to try communication with a flashlight, you will need a Mag-Light style flashlight. I'm very skeptical about these and I'm not the only one.......

The guy really have some good points. Remember to be a good investigator you must be skeptical.

More to come later, happy hunting!! Any comments or suggestions please let us know.