Creepy Cemetery walk

by Brian Goodman

Posted on December 21st, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Nice dinner, then a creepy walk around a graveyard on Halloween

Just a little note post here to touch base. Time is short lately with us working on the house, plus alot of hours at our regular jobs. We did this walk last month and managed to snag one cool EVP in the colonial quarter. We started in town after having dinner at the Apollo Grill. Great place to eat BTW.

Around Halloween is a great time to visit as the awesome Moravian Book shop. If you have never visited this book store its quite an experience. First off its pretty big, there are multiple entrances. Some really cool stuff in there and a nice little addition to this historic book store is the Colony Meadery section which is run by friends of ours.

What's really cool is they run haunted candlelight walking tours around Halloween. The guides go all out and are dressed in creepy outfits and point out all the haunted locations around town, while the group is holding candles. Cool.

We started out in the Moravian Cemetery which is right in town just off main street, Corinne was snapping pictures on her cell phone and actually did see something. She told me something flew past her head then was peeking around a tree. She snapped a pic, but then was a problem. As we get more into this hobby we really need to upgrade our equipment. Cell phone cameras stink for paranormal investigation. As you can probably guess the photo came out very blurry. So I didn't post it here. One thing the world need is less blurry Bigfoot, UFO and Paranormal pics. Right after this I went out a got a nice 12mp Sony digital camera.

Nothing else popped up at the cemetary so we decided to hit the colonial quarter which is just behind the historic Hotel Bethlehem. Old creepy buildings which date back to the 1700's. It was here we actually got a pretty decent EVP. Corinne was about 50 yards away snapping pics. There's alot of background noise but its not a bad EVP. It has that wispy, sing songy female voice you get in EVP's sometime. What's weird is it seems to be saying "come here you" to me. Creepy. This EVP you WILL NEED headphones. Its very hard to pick out on speakers.

'Come here you'

Kinda amazed we got any EVP's, its a busy town on a Saturday night but you never know where and when you will get something. Nothing else of note, I'm gonna try to get some of the pics she took up on here. Like I said its very hard for us to go on investigations lately but hopefully we will have some cool ones in the future. We will be staying the in haunted room 932 at the Bethlehem Hotel on New Years. We stayed there last New Years but the party there was too fun for us to break away for any investigations. Hopefully this year we will show a little more discipline! Also some friends of ours have creepy houses, and one of them has a creepy, haunted barn. A haunted BARN?? Stay tuned......

Moravian Cemetery History

Located in Historic Downtown Bethlehem, the Moravian Cemetery With a little imagination, you can almost hear the trombones at God's Acre cemetery in Bethlehem, Pa. At the funerals of all 2,617 Moravians buried here since 1742, trombone music accompanied a solemn procession of mourners carrying the dead to their final resting place. They were brought here on "death trays," which are basically large cradles, as I learned on a tour called "Death and Dying in Early Bethlehem: Going Home" offered by the nonprofit organization Historic Bethlehem. It's a 1 1/4-hour look at the funeral practices of the Moravians, Protestant settlers from the then-Habsburg-controlled lands of Moravia and Bohemia who settled the area in the 1700s, founding Bethlehem in 1741........