Follow up Industrial hunt

by Brian Goodman

Posted on December 10th, 2016

Well here we are again. We got such interesting results last investigation we decided to spend another Saturday night here. My wife loves to research our findings and found that the person who settled Gilbertsville was named.........Hans Gilbert! Now we aren't trying to say it was him, there were probably alot of guys named Hans back then. Still pretty neat huh? Also two very important lessons for all paranormal investigators that I will get into now.

First off make absolutely SURE you go over every scrap of audio and video files from your investigation. Let me explain, when I go an ITC session I like to set up the video camera and sync it with my digital audio recorder. Well this night my brain didn't want to click those two little buttons at the same time, so I'd start the audio...then the video wasn't started. ARRG! Happened twice. No big deal. So when I did evidence review I noticed these two tiny little audio files and I remembered what they were for and began to delete them, they were only a couple of seconds long there couldn't have been anything on there........right?

What bizarre about this EVP is the owner of this company in his last text to me that evening said, "Have fun". Very cool! Also my wife pointed out when I'm concentrating on something I tend to mutter "ok" to myself as you can hear. Very bad habit. Also the EVP is almost chopped off at the end. Just goes to show, you never know where and when an EVP will show on to lesson #2.

We do investigations with other teams who all seem to love K2 meters, heck even we use them sometimes. However if you do use them on your investigations make SURE to put your phone into airplane mode. Why? On to the video..

Ok now that school is over lets get to the cool stuff we got. First video I was setting up our video camera, of course as you know removing your baseball hat (Go Phillies!) helps you concentrate more.

Next video is a cool exchange, I edited out some of the gaps. The exchange lasted over a minute and was a really good real time response to my wife's question. Also I've noticed some of these responses might have some German mixed in, interesting since the town we were in was settled by German people. In the next video "mit" in German is "with" in English and "liebe" means "love". Kinda gives a different meaning to the responses huh?

This next video is by far the best exchange we ever got in any of our investigations. This happens with Echovox sometimes, you seem to open up a line of communication and the results are incredible. Now I've said before I'm not a huge fan of K2 meters, however we still use them and you can't argue with the results you see here.

Last video of the night, found out our friend came here in a boat. Even got a little hit on the K2.

It was an amazing night, our first investigation there seemed to be mostly residual responses. This time we had big time interaction with spirits. Just goes to show it may take you a couple of investigations to really get good responses from a location.

So what's next? Well the "C" in BC Paranormal is battling a sickness this weekend so no investigations, we may hit a very active local graveyard again. That place is teeming with EVP's. Stay tuned. Any comments, criticisms, and locations you'd like us to investigate are welcome just click the "contact" tab up top. Until next time-Happy Hunting!

Not your typical location

I work with a contractor who, when he found out that I was a paranormal investigator, prepared to tell me how haunted his shop was. Women working there had all sorts of experiences, and two even claim to have talked with the resident ghost. They claimed his name was "George". Yes this isn't your usual haunted location, however you never know the history of a building or a building that existed there before. The shop also was at the intersection of two busy roads. Maybe a spirit wandered over from a bad accident?