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by Brian Goodman

Posted on October 20, 2015 at 9:00 PM

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When you tell people one of your hobbies is chasing ghosts, they either look at you like "COOOOOOOL" or give you a look like you just told them this is the first day of freedom from your stay at the insane asylum. So why do it then? Simply put its fun. The first time you get an EVP you are hooked. SOMETHING is there.However this blog will be done with a skeptical eye. I'm going to throw up alot of stuff and its up to you to interpret it.

Yes there are skeptics, in fact the first thing you should be as an investigator is skeptical. Every floor creak, every bump - isn't a ghost. What's funny is most of the hardcore skeptics have never once even tried it. Even if they did a ghost could jump down in front of them, spin them around, and give them a wedgie and they would say "There's a perfectly scientific explanation for this". Then again maybe its just.........

So what is an EVP? The acronym means "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" and wikipedia can do a better job than me HERE. What skeptics don't seem to get is the reason you don't "hear" most EVP's are because they are so low and quiet you don't notice them live. Your typical voice recorder can pick up noises your ears (especially old ears) miss. Also EVP's sound nothing like regular speech. The best description I can give you is they sound like whispering underwater, sometimes straining. These are what you hear with a typical voice recorder. Then of course we have ITC or "Instrumental trans Communications" apps like Echovox.

ITC Apps

Most ITC apps are, very simply, phoneme generators. They spit out random sounds, you can hear that in the sound files I post. Don't think that every sound you hear is a ghost trying to come thru, IT'S NOT. What you are trying to pick out is words. What you really and I mean REALLY have to watch out for is audio pareidolia. Click on the skeptical link for an explanation. Look at the video below to see an ITC app in action(Echovox). Check out the other videos too. My rebuttal to the "audio pareidolia" crowd is actually pretty simple. If that was to explain for all the responses from Echovox, other ITC apps and ghost boxes....then why have I yet to hear my first name clearly? or the name of the town I live in? I got the NEIGHBORING town quite clearly once. Trust me I've spent HOURS trying. Any ghost hunter will tell you that you don't hit home runs every time out. Sometimes its dead, like our last investigation at the Sun Inn. If the skeptics were right we'd be hearing all kinds of things all the time. Also how are standard EVP's explained? You hear a whispering voice saying "help me", how do you explain that? Try it yourself before believing or debunking anything.

There are also some other very good apps out there. Also if you are using a Windows laptop or Windows based phone/tablet you can try the Afterlight Box. I've seen some really good results from that.

So do I think ITC apps work? You decide for yourself. I have posted some sound clips from Echovox, however I'm much more picky about what I call an EVP than most people. I have seen videos where people pick out every sound coming out of apps like Echovox and claim its a word. Those types of people give the "audio pareidolia" crowd ammo to hurt the ghost hunting field. I rarely use any ITC apps anymore, I just think the chance for audio pareidolia is way too high. However please try it yourself and make your own judgements. Remember you should be the biggest skeptic around, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". Before believing any skeptic OR believer remember you will find people who will argue until they are blue in the face that the earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, and Elvis is alive.

Spirit Boxes

These work by scanning radio frequencies quickly, like a 1/10 of a second on each station. You may hear little snippets of words and sometimes get EVP's thru them. There is a whole industry around these boxes, from mild to wild. Again you can hack one yourself for cheap I will show you how in the equipment section.The aforementioned SB-7 is a type of spirit box.


This was one thing I always was very skeptical about. Basically you take a Mag light, the kind you turn off and on by twisting the lens cap, and turn it so its JUST off. Then set it on a table and ask questions. My skeptical brain tells me that any little vibration can set it off, and its not paranormal. Well on our last investigation with GK-2 Paranormal at the Sun Inn they did a flashlight session for almost an hour that blew me away. Instant responses, a very long conversation. Better and more convincing than I've ever seen. What's amazing is they took the same setup to the cellar and ..............nothing. No responses. I'm incorporating a flashlight from now on, its worth a try.

K2 meters, Mel Meters

Another thing I'm not sold on. They are detect Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, which some feel ghosts are made of. Know what else emits EMF?? Everything! Cell phones, TV's, radios, everything. Those meters probably work best by telling you if you got EMF interference and are best at disproving paranormal stuff rather than proving anything. However feel free to check them out youself. I have seen meters go off on command on some hunts.

How to listen to EVP's

This is a short section. Use good, over the ear headphones. They can be very tough to pick out within back ground noise, using headphones help greatly. I try and amplify all my EVP's to help with hearing them, but still use headphones when you can.

Do we actually believe this stuff?

Glad you asked. Again, its fun for us. We really try not to make any judgements as to what is causing what we are hearing. Same with things like orbs. I'm not an orb fan, some paranormal groups live on them. I honestly feel 99.99% of them are dust and insects. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Dowsing rods? Well I remember my father telling me a long time ago when he was young they had to dig a well on his farm and they got the local dowser to help. How and why it works is way above my pay grade but in the right hands they do give you some neat findings. You can find a whole lot of equipment to hunt ghosts, be careful alot of them succeed in only making your wallet (or purse) lighter. Be careful of people who claim to be able to reach your dead relatives, that hand you feel on your backside isn't being fresh, its trying to get your money. Do a You Tube search on "spirit boxes" and you will find many videos by such a charlatan.

It may seem I'm pretty skeptical, again we all should be. Post your findings on Facebook and You Tube and let others hear your results. Its a sure fire way to weed out false results. Join paranormal Facebook groups and network with other ghost hunters. Most importantly-HAVE FUN!

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