Local Graveyards- Investigation #1

by Brian Goodman

Posted on November 15, 2016

If you do decide to investigate graveyards and just concentrate on EVP's without the aid of ghost boxes or ITC apps like we have done you almost have to retrain yourself. You actually get alot of EVP's but very few class "A" ones, this is because they are usually VERY faint. Add to the fact there is usually alot of background noise so when you amplify the EVP - usually only the background noise amplifies. I'll play some of these super faint ones and as usual don't even bother unless you have earphones on, however if you have a desktop with a good speaker system they may work OK. Laptops usually have poor speakers for EVP's. Also Linux OS's seem to have trouble with volume. Also a bit of what even amateur web developers have to deal with, audio formats. For EVP's you want a "lossless" format like .avi or .wma. Except that since Internet Explorer won't work with HTML 5's "audio" element...... I'm forced to convert them to MP3's, which is NOT IDEAL for EVP's. Technical jargon I know just be known that Microsoft SUCKS. Yes those are audio formats THEY came up with that don't work with their OWN web browser. I have to code pages everyone can see and hear, so compromises have to be made. All those boring disclaimers out of the way now, lets get to the EVP's....

First one is pretty typical of what you get in graveyards, you really have no idea what was said. It may be a name of someone whose grave we walked by. As you can tell we were just walking thru the leaves...


Next one is another typical residual EVP. This one is pretty clean, almost a class "A". He's either saying "old" or "cold". Let us know what you think.


Next one is a cool one. This one is kinda complex so we will go thru it 3 times. There is a class A EVP near the end, of course its saying some totally non-sensical to the environment we were in (It was a dry day and hadn't rained in a week). We will play the EVP all the way thru the first time with no repeating, pay special attention to after my wife says "That time of the year is coming'" and right before I say "51 he was only 50" - I was talking about when the guy on the tombstone died.


First part of the EVP is a real quick "hmm" and an even quicker "that's wet" just before I say "51 he was only 50". The "hmm" comes right after my wife speaks.

EVP 3_1

Second part of the EVP is much clearer, its a female or young male's voice saying "ooooh wet" at the end. Like all our EVP's its repeated and amplified. So what are they referring to? My wife reminded me there were some gravestones that had pictures of snowmobiles on them, also some had fishing scenes.***EDIT**-12/2/2016 - I re-listened to the source file last night and before this EVP we WERE commenting on some of the graves have snowmobile scenes on them. So mystery solved apparently you get wet snowmobiling! Again let us know what you think.

EVP 3_2

This one just popped up as we were walking, I really can't tell what they are saying. It may be in another language. After hearing it many times my brain hears "bluetooth", though that's pretty bizarre to hear as you walk around graves that are over 100 years old. It just before you hear my camera taking a pic.


Ok this is a tough one, very quick and faint. As I'm walking a quick "boots". Yes my wife was wearing boots and that's also the name of one of our cats


This one is an important lesson, keep the chit-chat to a minimum when you are on an investigation. I got several of these, a very clear EVP right when I was blabbing.


Another tough one, very quick and breathy "we" or "wind" in between my blabbing


This is the last one for this blog post. This was the grave of an 18 year old girl killed in a car accident on New Years eve in 2004. Her obituary stresses she had not been drinking and was coming home from work. Her grave was decorated for Halloween and had alot of trigger objects on it. This is a very faint "sad" after we are done talking. This one kinda hit us, you can almost here the emotion in that EVP. Almost like they were weeping. She died 12 years ago and someone still decorates her grave for the holidays. She was obviously loved and is missed alot.


Sorry to end on such a sad note, but death is a part of life. When you walk through a graveyard you are with mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers - all the people had someone who loved for them and cared for them and miss them. These strong emotions may be why graveyards seem to be full of EVP's. Ok stay tuned, we most likely will be investigating a haunted mechanical shop owned by a friend of mine. His female employees call the ghost "george" and interact with him alot. Should be interesting! We also will be doing alot of graveyards.

Why Graveyards?

Well why not? The thing you are looking for is spirit energy. Strong emotions associated with certain graves seem to elicit responses. I've read some paranormal investigators don't believe in investigating them, I tend to disagree. We seem to get more responses there than anywhere else. Plus there are graveyards EVERYWHERE! Walking through one is like walking thru time. Some have very old sections that have graves of people who fought in the Revolutionary War.....War of 1812....World War 1. You see sad stories develop at the grave of a child only a few days old, at one place there were 4 graves of children all together. The incredible sadness that family must have felt is heart breaking. If you do decide to hit some graveyards, be respectful. People with loved ones at eternal rest there don't want ghost hunters tramping all over the place. Try to pick ones that are not near major roads, strange as it seems the lonelier locations seem to give more responses. Also alot of the responses we get seem to be residual. Finally most cemeteries have hours of operation, usually dawn to dusk. You may have to be stealthy if you decide to try your IR and night vision cameras, again please be respectful!!