Local Graveyards- Investigation #2

by Brian Goodman

Posted on November 15, 2017

We are back.....Sorry we have been really busy and haven't been able to do any investigations for awhile. Hopefully there will be some cool, creepy posts on here in the near future. We are trying to get into two specific locations that should be alot of fun. For this blog post we hit a few graveyards for a second time-and a new graveyard that really blew our minds. There was a section of this graveyard that seemed to have alot of energy in it, the K2 meter was going nuts. We got a few pretty neat EVP's there and it will get investigiated again soon-we might even do an Echovox session there.

Also notice I'm using Soundcloud to host all my EVP's. This website is hosted on GitHub's hosting service, meaning its FREE.....and free is good. However GitHub has a hard limit of 1 gig for the entire site. Just code is almost nothing - however pics, videos and sound files will fill that up fast. So all out videos are on YouTube and sound files are on Soundcloud. Follow us on there if you want.

First we will listen to a couple EVP's we got a few months back, There weren't enough for a blog post so I just kept them on file. This first one is kinda neat-but again HEADPHONE WARNING!! Its very faint-it can be tough to pick out. Listen just after I say "You would have to probably doing it for free". Yes it tough to hear with us shuffling thru the leaves.

Next one is wierd, it kinda sounds like either an exotic bird or a lady crying. Since we were in Berks county at the time the exotic bird is kinda out. Also note when we are on investigations we note any explained noises we hear like crows, dogs barking, etc. We certainly didn't hear anything like this when we were there. What is it?

Now on to the creepy one, this one is a little disturbing since I was standing near a young child's grave. "C" said it sounds like a baby screaming at the top of its lungs in pain.....weird. I am commenting on how big the graveyard is....

Ok now we get to last Sunday's fun. We hit 3 or 4 graveyards, it was kinda chilly when the wind was blowing, but nice to be out. After awhile we got something to eat, and on the way home we hit a graveyard we never hit before, its right up the road from where I used to live so I've driven by it a hundred times. Little did I know what fun it would be.......

Lets start with another weird one, when we first heard it- I though it sounded like a raspy growl, then listening again it almost sounds like a raspy voice says "Tommy" and a young voice answers with "What" a few seconds later. I pulled them both out and repeated then next to each other. What do YOU hear? Yes very tough to pick out among the crunching leaves.

Next one is another one we got just walking around, it doesn't seem to be responding to us just residual. We think we hear "Miss 'em" - something you think you'd hear in a graveyard.

Another EVP while walking, this kinda sounds like someone saying "whisper".

Yet another walking EVP, though this one might be referring to us as we hear "two".

This one is kinda fun, we were getting ALOT of activity on our K2 meter, which was odd since we rarely get K2 activity in a graveyard like this. You can hear my wife ask about lighting up the meter, and the response seems to be "Test it"

This EVP really isn't great, it just shows how frustrating this ghost hunting can be. If you listen real close you can hear an EVP just as "C" starts to talk, since we can't hear the EVP's in real-time she had no idea she was talking over it. Bummer.

The last two are direct responses to questions or comments we made. This first one seems to be a really breathy "yea" response.

Last one is kinda neat because you really hear the "s" sound in the response.

If you have never ghost hunted before, you may not know that getting this many EVP's is almost unheard of. We can investigate 5 or 6 graveyards and get maybe two to three EVP's - that's normal. This graveyard however was almost acting like a portal, there was alot of electromagnetic energy there plus we got a bunch of EVP's. We also need to change the way we investigate also, some of these EVP's would be Class A however they were drowned out by us crunching in the leaves. This is a hazard when you investigate outside. Next time when we get that much electromagnetic energy on the K2 meter we will stay put and move very little. We'd love to hear from everyone what you think, if you hear something different than we do please email us. Stay tuned for more!

Why Graveyards?

Well why not? The thing you are looking for is spirit energy. Strong emotions associated with certain graves seem to elicit responses. I've read some paranormal investigators don't believe in investigating them, I tend to disagree. We seem to get more responses there than anywhere else. Plus there are graveyards EVERYWHERE! Walking through one is like walking thru time. Some have very old sections that have graves of people who fought in the Revolutionary War.....War of 1812....World War 1. You see sad stories develop at the grave of a child only a few days old, at one place there were 4 graves of children all together. The incredible sadness that family must have felt is heart breaking. If you do decide to hit some graveyards, be respectful. People with loved ones at eternal rest there don't want ghost hunters tramping all over the place. Try to pick ones that are not near major roads, strange as it seems the lonelier locations seem to give more responses. Also alot of the responses we get seem to be residual. Finally most cemeteries have hours of operation, usually dawn to dusk. You may have to be stealthy if you decide to try your IR and night vision cameras, again please be respectful!!