Industrial Investigation-Gilbertsville,Pa

by Brian Goodman

Posted on November 19, 2016

Driving home last night from this investigation in the sleet and nastiness, something humorous struck me. Ghost Hunting is alot like fishing. Lately, as our experience level increased, we became "purists". In fishing these are called fly fisherman. Lately we have shelved all the fancy gadgetry and concentrated on EVP's with no ghost boxes or ITC apps. However sometimes you get to the stream and, try as you might, those fish just won't hit your dry fly.

This investigation was like that, not much was working. Nothing on our ghost box, no hit on the Mel Meter, no cold touches on our shoulders. We then tried Echovox. I really don't use it very much anymore, main reason is the probability of audio pareidolia. Since Echovox is a phenome generator you ears are bombarded by speech phenomes. Thus its easy to hear one word answers like "yes", "no" and "uh-huh". So when I use it now I'm very picky about what I call a "hit". I'm looking for different voices, full sentences, etc. I also never use the echo feature. This drives the creator nuts, however I honestly think the way I use Echovox leads to EVP's being buried in the noise of the phenomes. Sort of like the way a ghost box works. Last night was bizarre, we had a long ongoing conversation with someone named "Hans". I'll post 3 of the video files here. Let me know what you think, you might hear something different than we heard.

First video/audio file kinda shocked us. We are trying to get someone to talk to us. We had several sessions with nothing really happening. Then, out of the blue, someone had a message for my wife. Pretty bizarre....

Next video was also very strange. Nice thing about Echovox is you usually get responses to questions. In this video we seem to have caught "Hans" looking for some auto parts. This may be the strangest thing I've ever heard during an investigation

Finally on to our last video. We were told the ghost's name here was "George". However someone disagreed with us. This is one of the things that sometimes happen with Echovox, you get in an actual conversation. One of the neatest EVP's we've ever gotten.

We also got a very faint EVP in the upper parts room, but we couldn't really make out what was said so I didn't put it up here. So it was an interesting evening, not the typical location for a ghost hunt. However you never know where you're gonna find paranormal activity, you gotta look everywhere. So what's next? Most likely some more graveyards-stay tuned!

Not your typical location

I work with a contractor who, when he found out that I was a paranormal investigator, prepared to tell me how haunted his shop was. Women working there had all sorts of experiences, and two even claim to have talked with the resident ghost. They claimed his name was "George". Yes this isn't your usual haunted location, however you never know the history of a building or a building that existed there before. The shop also was at the intersection of two busy roads. Maybe a spirit wandered over from a bad accident?