Sun Inn-November 8th 2014

by Brian Goodman

Posted on october 26, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Shorter hunt again hosted by the Greater Lehigh Valley Paranormal Investigation Team

Shorter Hunt, alot less evidence, but some cool responses.

This was one of the coolest responses ever, we were doing an Echovox session in the kitchen. One of the LVPIT investigators was listening in on our session. All of a sudden this came over-


The investigator then radioed down to the basement where other members had a group of people doing an investigation. They radiod back that he was about to tell a funny story to the group. Amazing!

Next pretty amazing EVP we got was in the attic with the group, this EVP is very faint so please crank it up and use headphones.

You can hear the investigators response, it was one of the very rare times an EVP was heard in real time. Again this was an amazing response.

Next, still in the attic (yes the attic is a hotspot at the Sun Inn) He asks if they call the little girl up there Sweetie,

Those of you with kids, remember asking them a question when their attention is on something else, the give you a faint 'uh-huh' response, that's what this sounds like to me.

Here's another Echovox reply, I honestly can't remember where we were maybe the Great Room.

Hi, its possible?

Like I said this was a shorter hunt, only a few hours. That's paranormal investigating in a nutshell. Sometimes you don't get alot of responses but what you do get it kinda amazing. Thanks to the LVPIT guys and gals. They do a great job!

Sun Inn History

Located on Main Street in Historic Downtown Bethlehem, the Sun Inn is a restoration of a 1758 building which functioned as an inn in Bethlehem from 1760 to the late 1960s. The Sun Inn's history includes an extensive list of distinguished visitors including Benjamin Franklin, Martha Washington, George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Ethan Allen, Henry Laurens, Richard Lee, Marquis de Lafayette, and many others.Today, thanks to the Sun Inn Preservation Association members and volunteers, much of the building has been architecturally restored to appear as it would have in the 18th century. Self-guided tours of the first floor entrance, Gastube, bedroom suites and kitchen are available on Saturdays and Sundays. The second floor rooms are available for rent for special and private events. Special tours of the third floor attic are available by request for private groups.The Sun Inn welcomes guests of all ages to enjoy its history and hospitality. There is something for everyone at the Sun Inn