Another Sun Inn investigation

by Brian Goodman

Posted on October 31, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Very short hunt with G-K2 Paranormal.

This was a very short hunt, 3 hours. Also the Sun Inn does a little presentation at the beginning which further takes time away from the hunt, however if your new to the Sun Inn it can be very interesting.

Then the paranormal group did a presentation with some evidence they gathered there, That was real interesting. I don't subscribe to, or pay much mind to the present "paranormal wars" that are going on the internet now. I love to hear (and see) evidence presented by other groups. Remember this should be a fun hobby, not a competition.

Then we split into two groups. Ok we must admit we are groaning a little inside. There are quite alot of people there (20+) and we decided last year no more public hunts for us. We got our "feet wet" with investigating last year and we have all the gear we need to go off on our own. We asked to do that and to our dismay, we were told to stay with the group. Kind of a bummer but we figured their hunt/their rules.

Our group then went to the attic. The usual bummers about group hunts started right away. People whispering, being noisy. Plus the amount of noise from the street was pretty high. However some kudos, we never investigated with G-K2 before, and they do a pretty decent job. They are big on the SB-7 and flashlight. Almost immediately I FINALLY got a "Sweetie" evp:

Listen to the very fast "we did" after she asks

Then the two ladies did an SB-7 session and we got two faint EVP's:

Some thought they heard 'england'

After that they played with the flashlights, now you may know I'm not a big fan of them. However I will tell you this, after seeing what I saw I'm adding a mag-light to my tool bag. Probably a half-hour long conversation with what turned out to be a soldier in his 30's who had a sister and was guarding the Sun Inn. The light turned on and off on command, it was amazing to see. G-K2 really impressed me there.

We then went to the basement, the other member of G-K2 said the basement was dead, and we basically confirmed it. We didn't get anything at all. That's paranormal investigation for you.

Finally we were able to sneak off to the kitchen for a quick Echovox session. Even that was pretty uneventful tho we did get one rather funny response:

I'll just leave that one there. My wife thought it was pretty funny.

All in all it wasn't a bad hunt. It didn't help that G-K2 said they got alot more "hits" the past week, that's what you call paranormal Murphy's Law. You also have to remember the Sun Inn is in the middle of town, and on a Saturday night there is alot of noise coming in from outside. Really public hunts are only for people new to ghost hunting, if you are experienced its not quite as fun especially if the group running it doesn't let you investigate alone. Still I'd highly recommend a hunt with G-K2 Paranormal if your new or just wanna try it out, they seem like a fun group and they really get some good evidence. Here is their email.

Sun Inn History

Located on Main Street in Historic Downtown Bethlehem, the Sun Inn is a restoration of a 1758 building which functioned as an inn in Bethlehem from 1760 to the late 1960s. The Sun Inn's history includes an extensive list of distinguished visitors including Benjamin Franklin, Martha Washington, George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Ethan Allen, Henry Laurens, Richard Lee, Marquis de Lafayette, and many others.Today, thanks to the Sun Inn Preservation Association members and volunteers, much of the building has been architecturally restored to appear as it would have in the 18th century. Self-guided tours of the first floor entrance, Gastube, bedroom suites and kitchen are available on Saturdays and Sundays. The second floor rooms are available for rent for special and private events. Special tours of the third floor attic are available by request for private groups.The Sun Inn welcomes guests of all ages to enjoy its history and hospitality. There is something for everyone at the Sun Inn